Instead of framing a picture, frame a beautiful vertical garden of succulents! The lush greenery, vibrant colors, bold shapes, and eye-catching textures will brighten up any indoor or outdoor space! Succulents are an ideal choice for these charming wall displays because they grow slowly, need little water, and last for many years.

Interested in creating your very own living succulent mosaic? Good news! Tampa Succulents offers DIY Living Succulent Picture Kits and ships them nationwide, so you can build and design your own succulent wall garden!

Kit Materials: Your choice of a 6×6, 14×14, or 14×24 wood frame with a wire mesh insert, enough succulent cuttings to fill the frame, and sphagnum moss already inside the frame.

Our succulent cuttings for the Living Picture Kits consist of 85% sempervivum cuttings, 15% echeveria cuttings, and other accent cuttings. We have found these succulents to work best for living succulent pictures because they have shallow root systems that are perfect for growing onto the wire mesh frame. Initially, these succulents will look similar but, upon maturity, will develop varying shades of red, purple, and green for a truly vivid garden.

How to Plant a Living Succulent Picture

  1. The first step to planting your living picture is to dampen the sphagnum moss already inside the frame.
  2. Once you have your unique layout and design decided, it’s time to start planting! Take the baby succulent cuttings and place the stems in the planting holes. Make sure to allow the leaf rosettes to rest on top of the wire. Plant as close together as the grids will allow, but don’t worry if there are small gaps—the succulents will fill these in once they grow and expand! Move and rearrange succulents as needed.
  3. Once your succulents are planted, take any extra moss to add finishing touches or fill in any open spaces as desired.
  4. Finally, lay your succulent picture frame flat in a cool but bright place out of direct sunlight. It will take about 2 weeks for the succulents to start forming roots in the soil, and it will be anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks before fully secure roots are formed. Then, it’s time to put your living succulent picture on display!

How to Care for a Living Succulent Picture

  1. Do not water your living succulent picture for the first 2 weeks after planting. Place the picture flat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and let your succulents take root in the soil. If your sunlight comes from an angle, consider rotating your frame every few days so the succulents receive even sunlight and do not start leaning.
  2. Once the succulents are starting to root and the 2 week period has passed, it’s time to water your succulents for the first time! Evenly drench the frames with about 2 to 3 cups of water. Once it is drained, lay the frame flat in bright, indirect sunlight for the succulents to continue growing and taking root.
  3. Continue watering about once a month or when the moss is dry. You can even test the dryness of the moss and planter with a wooden toothpick. Leave this in the planter when watering and afterwards, so you are able to see if the moss is dry or moist— just like a baking cake!
  4. Once your living picture is ready to be hung up indoors or outdoors, make sure your succulents have access to bright, indirect sunlight. You can slowly introduce them to direct sunlight once they are more mature. Continue watering your succulents about once every month, taking the frame off the wall and making sure your frame is fully drained and dry before hanging back up.

Happy Planting!

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