My love for succulents and gardening bloomed at a young age. I was introduced to the beautiful desert plants through my mom, who always had a variety planted in our yard. I asked her about the little green succulent leaves scattered everywhere, and she told me how each leaf could grow into a whole new plant. That an orphaned leaf, separated from its mother, had the strength to put down roots and flourish with new life immediately enchanted me.

The beauty and magic of propagation continues to delight me to this day. Other than a short period in my life, there hasn’t been a time when I’m not playing in the dirt with plants, specifically succulents and cacti, and finding joy in the natural world.

The physical act of growing broken leaves into strong, beautiful plants has grounded my healing process and given me a new perspective on brokenness. I felt connected to something greater, and this sense of connection and peace became fundamental to my healing journey and something I desired to share with others.

With the endless varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to play with, designing succulent and cactus planters also truly became an artistic medium and creative outlet for me. When people began asking to purchase my arrangements, I was able to spend more time doing what I love and transform my small venture into a flourishing business through several different events.

Tampa Succulents was born! The universe brought me the amazing art of gardening and succulent therapy, which I now have the pleasure of teaching and sharing with others! Through our fun DIY events, pop-up markets, and collaborations with local businesses, Tampa Succulents shares the process of potting, arranging, and growing your own succulent planters or living wreaths. We also ship our DIY succulent kits and collaborate virtually (with some cocktails, of course!) to help you build and design the perfect planters for your home or garden.

We hope to help you fall in love with the art of gardening, discover the joys of planting your own succulents, and cultivate greater community connection. We hope you join us!



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